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RoboLingo is a fun rhythm game that teaches you new languages! RoboLingo uses a unique patented technology that will help you learn over 600 words in English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, or Korean.

You play ANNA, the Autonomous Navigation and Negotiation Agent, as she picks up a variety of items from a huge shopping mall and grocery store. When you enter new shopping areas, you'll learn new words that you'll have to tap in time to the music. As you master the language, you'll collect an ever-increasing bounty of treasures.

To play the game, choose the correct translation by pressing the correct button on the bottom. You can use the arrow keys or the number keys as shortcuts to choose a button. If you're not sure which button is correct, listen to the spoken translation. The faster you choose a button, the more points you will get. You also get bonus points for harder levels and for getting the answer right many times in a row. Good luck!

Whether you are completely new to a language or an experienced speaker seeking to expand your vocabulary, RoboLingo's patented language learning can help you read, write, and speak a new language!

Made by Mama Makes Games, LLC with patented learning technology from IfWizard Corporation. Game music by Madame X. Menu music by Ken Bruton ASCAP.

Created by Mama Makes Games

This game was designed and developed by Kimberly Blais of Mama Makes Games, LLC. To learn more about Kim and Mama Makes Games, check out the About page.

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