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Jam Above Jam Below

Coming soon for free on Steam!


Join Witz and Doobz on their adventure to make a video game in just a week! With seven different mini-games, you'll have plenty of fun as you try to win the game jam and save the day!

You'll jump, run, bike, puzzle, and even date your way to success, as fully-voiced cartoon cutscenes bring the fast-paced story to life. Total expected playtime is about 20 to 30 minutes. This game is made for all ages!

Truly a jam within a jam, this game was made in a week by me, Kimberly Blais, for the 2022 Epic MegaJam using Unreal Engine 5. Following the theme of "As Above, So Below," this recursive game about making a game playfully explores the joys and challenges of doing a game jam.

Created by Mama Makes Games

This game was designed and developed by Kimberly Blais of Mama Makes Games, LLC. To learn more about Kim and Mama Makes Games, check out the About page.

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