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This free, web-based arcade game was made for the 2021 GoGodot Game Jam.

Instructions: Use the arrow keys to move Audrey and hold spacebar to spray water to keep the plants alive:

  • Get points by getting the plants to bloom and spread their seeds
  • Don't let the plants dry out, or you'll lose health (the yellow "+" signs)
  • Refill your water at the Brimo pump
  • Watch out for UFOs and bump into mowers before they get your plants
  • Use power ups wisely
  • Get on the high score list and be admired by all players!

Made using the Godot Engine. Voice cameo by Brimstone. All original music by Madame X.

Tested on Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and Edge desktop browsers. Sorry, but Brimo is not currently available for mobile browsers.

Created by Mama Makes Games

This game was designed and developed by Kimberly Blais of Mama Makes Games, LLC. To learn more about Kim and Mama Makes Games, check out the About page.

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